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DIY Souvenir Spoon Magnet

DIY Souvenir Spoon Magnet - Do you own one or two memento silverware pieces and want a unique way to display them? Maybe you purchased them at a garage sale or thrift shop, or you picked them at your local flea market. Here are two magnetic DIYs that are great ways to not only show [...]

Adhesive Strong Magnet

Adhesive strong magnet is powerful Neodymium magnet with high quality 3M adhesive backing and a new, easy-pull tab. The neodymium magnet is Ni-Cu-Ni plated to protect them against corrosion and conventionally magnetized through the thickness. Usually, the magnets exist in two versions per size – the A version has a North Pole face visible; the [...]

DIY Inexpensive Gun Magnet Mount

DIY Inexpensive Gun Magnet Mount - Recently, a Reddit user created a simple DIY tutorial to make an inexpensive gun magnet mount using a few easily obtainable parts. In the process of building our own, we decided to make a few upgrades on the materials and wanted to share our results. The materials required for this [...]

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