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Disc (MTD)

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Disc Couplings

Disc Couplings - Disc type couplings consist of two opposing discs with powerful rare earth magnets. The torque applied to one disc is transferred through an air gap to the other disc. Because of its simple flat design, you can have angular misalignment of up to 3º or parallel misalignment up to ¼” and still [...]

Disc vs. Co-Axial Coupling Comparison

Disc vs. Co-Axial Coupling Comparison Coupling Style Disc (MTD) Co-Axial (MTC) Axial Forces High axial force which must be restrained Coupling finds its own center with ~0 axial force Slip Torque Adjustment Air gap can be adjusted to increase or decrease slip torque Coupling hubs can be seperated axially to decrease slip torque (axial force [...]

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