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How do Voice Coil Motors Work?

How do voice coil motors work? A simple linear voice coil motor consists of a tubular coil of wire. The wire is situated within a magnetic field. The magnetic field is produced by permanent magnets embedded in the inside diameter of a ferromagnetic cylinder. The cylinder is arranged such that the side of the magnets [...]

What’s Voice Coil Motors (VCMs)

What's Voice Coil Motors (VCMs) Voice Coil Motors (VCMs) are a type of electromagnetic actuator used in various applications, including audio devices, autofocus mechanisms in cameras, and precision positioning systems. They are known for their quick response and precise control. Here's an overview of voice coil motors: Basic Principle: VCMs operate based on the principle [...]

Magnets in the Voice Coil Motor (VCM)

Magnets in the Voice Coil Motor (VCM) A voice coil motor (VCM) is a special form of direct-drive motor. Its working principle is that the energized coil (conductor) will generate force when placed in a magnetic field, and the magnitude of the force is proportional to the current applied to the coil. The motion form [...]