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diametrically magnetized arc magnet

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N35H-52H Performance Arc Magnet Manufacturing Customization

N35H-52H Performance Arc Magnet Manufacturing Customization N35h-52h performance arc magnet refers to the rare earth NdFeB magnetic tile with maximum temperature resistance of 120 ℃. It is mainly used in various DC motors. Our company can make NdFeB tile shaped magnetic steel products with different sizes, radians, coatings and temperature resistance according to the customer's [...]

Tubular Linear Motor Magnets

Tubular Linear Motor Magnets About Tubular Linear Motor Magnets Halbach array in tubular linear motor is made of radially oriented magnets and axial magnetized magnets which arranged in a certain order, then obtain much stronger sinusoidal distributed magnetic field on the working side and keeping the field to a very low value on the other [...]

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