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Magnet Use Precautions

Magnet Use Precautions The following are precautions regarding the use of magnets. Please read before using magnet products. 1. The magnet should ensure that the workplace is clean during use, so as to prevent fine impurities such as iron filings from being adsorbed on the magnetic The iron surface affects the normal use of the [...]

How Helpful are Powerful Magnets in Daily Life?

How Helpful are Powerful Magnets in Daily Life? With the continuous advancement of technology, the use of powerful magnets is becoming more and more extensive, so where can powerful magnets be used in our daily life? What are the advantages of strong magnets that make many products widely used? HSMAG strong magnet How Helpful [...]

Daily Use Magnets

We offer the broadest selection of the highest quality NdFeB magnets and other magnetic materials which are widely used in your life. daily-use-magnets What are the uses of the magnets? Let us find the answer as below: -Locate metal studs in a wall Seal off air-conditioning vents to improve home heating by placing [...]

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