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Importance of Magnet Drawings for Magnet Manufacturer

Importance of Magnet Drawings for Magnet Manufacturer Magnet Product drawings, i.e. product processing drawings, are also needed for magnet products, especially for some complex magnets, such as special-shaped magnets and motor magnets. Because the production process of magnet is very complicated, it involves many factors. For example, the performance of magnets, dimensional tolerances, magnetic force [...]

HSMAG Magnets Services

HSMAG Magnets Services Customer enquiry 1. Confirm size, grade, quantity, coating 2. Download drawing if attached HSMAG Magnets Services Reply 1. Reply by email / social apps / telephone 2. Send quotations 3. Price negotiating if necessary 4. Shipment 5. Payment terms Preparation before placing order 1. Confirm PI content, including information of [...]

December 24th, 2018|HSMAG News|
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