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Customer Request Magnet Inquiries in HSMAG

Customer Request Magnet Inquiries in HSMAG The following is the main content of some customers' inquiries about magnetic components and magnets 1, Please send me a price for neodym-magnet N50, Size 50x30x10 (BxLxH)CuNiCu 2, we need arc magnets: r, R, L, degree 10mm, 7mm, 40mm, 45 22mm, 17mm, 40mm, 45 100 / 1000 pieces 3, [...]

USA Customer Buy Neodymium Self-adhesive Magnets

Neodymium Self-adhesive Magnets, Self-adhesive neodymium disc magnet Neodymium Self-adhesive Magnets Customer Contribution - Recently our company provides 50000pcs Strong Neodymium Self-adhesive Magnets Ø 10 x 1 mm N35 grade product for our customer Devin Kain in USA, Self-adhesive neodymium disc magnet is used in home DIY or office application. Self-adhesive neodymium disc magnet No Matter you buy 1 pcs or 100,000 [...]

Super Strong Magnetic Hooks On Store Room Metal Door

Magnetic Hooks Customer Contribution: Our customer Makus Lyondero send us these photos of the difference some hook magnets made to organising his store room Can you spot the magnetic hooks used on the inside door of this store room (a.k.a. Bomb Shelter)? Our customer Makus Lyondero decided to put his Dia. 36mm Super Strong Neodymium Hook [...]

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