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Compression molding

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Sintering Process of NdFeB Magnet

Sintering Process of NdFeB Magnet "Sintering" of the production process of NdFeB magnet manufacturers The fifth step of the key process of the production process of NdFeB magnet manufacturers: sintering. This is our first performance test for this batch of products. We put our pressed blanks into the sintering process, and will burn out the [...]

Plastic Bonded Magnets

Plastic Bonded Magnets Plastic bonded magnets are particle composites with permanent-magnet powder embedded in a plastic binder. Hard ferrite (HF), various SmCo and NdFeB powders and, to a very little extent, AINiCo alloys are used as magnetic powder. For embedding the magnetic particles, thermoplastic binders as, for instance, polyamide (PA) or polyphenyl sulfide (PPS) and [...]

Bonded Molded Plastic Magnets

Bonded Molded Plastic Magnets - Bonded/Molded Magnets - Overview Compression molding uses a solid binder (e.g. a plastic or thermosetting epoxy) plus the magnetic material. The end material is isotropic - the magnetising coil fixture design determines the magnetic pattern it takes. Compression molding is cost effective when higher volumes are required compression molded magnets [...]

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