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MAGNETIC TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS PRODUCTS Deviations from shapes and positions, tolerances Magnetics materials Magnetic Force Direction of orientation Direction of magnetization Shapes of magnets Terminology and definitions Neodymium Qualities HSMAG works daily with the commitment and responsibility to ensure a product with a high level of quality. Permanent magnets are used in almost all industrial sectors. [...]

Magnet Production Flow and Magnet Quality Control

Magnet Production Flow and Magnet Quality Control - To allow our customers to use our high-quality products with peace of mind, HANGSENG Magnets provided inspection reports. Production Flow and Quality Control The main items of inspection data in the inspection reports are as follows: Main items in the inspection report Equipment name An [...]

Neodymium Magnet Characteristic Data

Neodymium Magnet Characteristic Data  (material characteristic data) Material name Residual flux density(Br) Magnetic coercive force (BH) max (Hcb) (Hcj) NF-H, NF-SH, NF-UH series kG/T kOe/kA/m kOe/kA/m MGOe/kj/m3 NF35H 11.8 – 12.5 1.18 – 1.25 ≥11.0 ≥875 ≥17.0 ≥1353 33 – 37 263 – 294 NF38H 12.2 – 13.0 1.22 – 1.30 ≥11.5 ≥915 ≥17.0 ≥1353 [...]

Characteristics of Neodymium Magnets

Characteristics of Neodymium Magnets - This type of magnet achieves the highest magnetic energy of all permanent magnets now in practical use. The main phase of the magnetism of rare-earth magnets developed conventionally was a two-component alloy. However, neodymium magnets combine neodymium with iron and boron to constitute a three-component, anisotropic-sintered rare-earth magnet with an [...]

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