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cancer cells

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Powerful magnets can kill cancer cells

Powerful magnets can kill cancer cells According to the British "Daily Express" reported on October 8, recently Korean scientists have made new breakthroughs in cancer therapy. They have developed a weapon against this disease, using powerful magnetic pulses to open the "self-destructive" inside the tumor. Switch to make cancer cells "suicide" effectively. The research was [...]

Magnets to Remove Cancer Cells

Researches at Georgia Institute of Technology have found a new way to identify and potentially eliminate cancerous cells, in ovarian cancer. With ovarian cancer, metastasis happens when cells slough off the primary tumor and drift free in the abdominal cavity. If scientists could use the magnetic nanoparticles to trap drifting cancer cells and pull them [...]

June 16th, 2016|HSMAG News, Magnetic Research, Magnetic Technology|
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