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Button Magnets

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Button & Rotor Magnets

Button Rotor Magnets Magnet - Side Pole Rotor Alnico permanent side pole rotor magnets have alternating poles ideal for use in sensing or counting applications. The Alnico material provides good magnetic performance at a reasonable cost. Side Pole Rotor Magnet: 30 lbs (13.6 kg) Maximum Holding Force, Alinco, 1.250 in (31.8 mm) Outside Diameter Side [...]

Shuttering Profile / Shutters / Form Works by HSMAG

Shuttering Profile / Shutters / Form Works by HSMAG After lowering the shuttering profiles on the marking the integrated magnets are activated and locked. The shuttering profile is pressed precisely to the shuttering by the integrated magnets. Custom Trapezoid Void Forming Magnets Shuttering profile / Shutters are manufactured / custom-made as per client’s [...]

2100kg Button Magnet or Shuttering Magnet

2100kg Button Magnet or Shuttering Magnet Material: Steel Box with Button, Strong Neodymium Magnets Surface Treatment: Black Oxidation Treatment Max Working Temperature: 80℃ or as per needs 2100kg Button Magnet or Shuttering Magnet Description: 2100kg button magnet or shuttering magnet widely used in prestressed concrete system construction. It’s consist of powerful neodymium magnets [...]

White Porcelain Button Magnets

White Porcelain Button Magnets HSMAG has a knack for realizing the whimsical – her beautiful Button Magnets offer a very creative take on an everyday object. Made from smooth unglazed porcelain, these cute magnets each feature their own classic button details and designs. They would make great simple markers for a magnetic calendar, [...]

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