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Brushless Motors

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What is the Temperature Resistance of Brushless Motor Magnets?

What is the Temperature Resistance of Brushless Motor Magnets? The brushless motor adopts electronic commutation, the coil does not move, and the magnetic pole rotates. Brushless motors use a set of electronic equipment to sense the position of permanent magnet poles through Hall elements. Based on this perception, electronic circuits are used to switch the [...]

Motor Permanent Magnet

Motor Permanent Magnet Permanent magnet motors use permanent magnets to generate the magnetic field of the motor, without the need for excitation coils or excitation current. Compared with traditional electric excitation motors, it has significant advantages such as high efficiency and simple structure. The applications of permanent magnet motors are extremely wide, covering almost every [...]

Brushless Motors – MORE POWER!

Brushless Motors - MORE POWER! Brushless motors are taking over! Ok, maybe that was an overstatement. However, brushless motors have begun to dominate the hobby markets between aircraft and ground vehicles. Controlling these motors had been a hurdle up until microcontrollers became cheap and powerful enough to handle the task. There is still work being [...]

Theory of Operation by Motors

Theory of Operation by Motors (Permanent Magnet Motors) In this tutorial we’ll cover Theory of Operation of these basic motor types and uses: DC Brush Motors Brushless Motors Stepper Motors Linear Motors Please see its' Theory Operation Motors: Theory of Operation by DC Brush Motors: theory-of-operation-dc-brush-motors   Theory of Operation by Brushless Motors: [...]

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