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AlNiCo VS Ceramic Pickups

AlNiCo VS Ceramic Pickups If you're into guitar or bass guitar pickups and mods, you probably hear the words "AlNiCo" and "Ceramic" a lot. These terms refer to the magnetic bar located inside the actual guitar pickup of your guitar. Most guitar manufacturers mention the pickup types they use on each guitar model but some [...]

Cast Alnico Magnets Stock

Cast Alnico Magnets Stock Cast Alnico Magnets Stock: The HSMAG list here are very small part of our stocks, with 16 years production, we have produced more than 10 thousand of magnets which have different shapes, different grades, different sizes as customer requirements. And for long term customers, we will prepare stocks for them that can fast [...]

P90 Pickup

The P-90 first appeared in the 40s, but did not attract too much attention until the 70s, when Gibson reissued some existing models. As a single-coil pickup, it is more complex and larger in dimension than Fender's. P90 Pickup The maple shim decides the breadth of a bobbin, it needs to be precisely shaped. In [...]

Alnico Pickups Big Deal

Alnico Pickups Ask any experienced player and they’ll tell you that you really need alnico pickups if you want the optimum in tone, touch sensitivity, and dynamics—at least if they’ve swallowed the hype that most of the chat-o-sphere has perpetuated for years. After all, aren’t alnico-loaded pickups truly better than those made with [...]

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