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3D Print Magnets

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“Bite hand” magnet ring jams student’s finger

"Bite hand" magnet ring jams student's finger The "biting hand" magnet ring stuck the student's finger, and Hubei Xianning fire department quickly removed it in 2 minutes On December 3, the left middle finger of a student of Chibi No. 1 Junior High School in Xianning City, Hubei Province was caught by a magnet ring. [...]

Researchers Develop New Method to 3D Print Magnets

Researchers Develop New Method to 3D Print Magnets Teams from the Jean Lamour Institute (IJL), the Materials Science research laboratory of the University of Lorraine, have developed a method for producing magnets with a desktop FDM 3D printer. The researchers claim to have succeeded in integrating magnetic properties into various 3D printed parts, all without [...]

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