Standard Fridge Magnet – HSMAG has been producing all sort of advertising fridge magnet printing. With years of experiences, we know what make best to fridge magnet printing.

Fridge Magnet as advertising magnet is suitable for corporate and companies use. Customized Fridge magnet as corporate gifts has been in demands and been increasing in order these days. That’s because fridge magnet always been knows as a gifts that keep and never lost gift because once it sticks on the fridge door, or CPU, or even the whiteboard, the fridge magnets hardly will be removed. The power of magnetic also symbolized as the relationship between the customers and supplier that drawn tight together. Therefore, fridge magnet has become one of the most favorable corporate gifts.

standard fridge magnet

standard fridge magnet

No Job is too small for us, we print to your order; No Job is too big for us, we still promise always to cope and supply the refrigerator magnets in the best quality and with our efficient services.

HSMAG Fridge Magnet Material

HSMAG has taken the international standard of thickness fridge magnet as our standard fridge magnet material as well. We learnt and take in the Australia technology to produce the fridge magnet with 0.6mm magnet with end product of 0.8mm thickness. And yes, the fridge magnet is flexible and bendable yet once stick on metal surface will resume back to its original way.

Advertising fridge magnet corporate gifts that can be customized into different shape and thickness served different purpose used as for company branding and promotion to be given out as for door gift for annual dinner, anniversary gifts, event souvenirs etc. You may refer to custom fridge magnet to know more. Advertising magnet’s final outcome can be as:

business card magnet
calendar magnets
save date magnets for business events
magnetic frame
magnetic bookmark
whiteboard fridge magnet
hotline fridge magnet
many more … up to your creativeness