Soft Magnetic Alloys Demand Speed Up In Inverter Air Conditioners

Increased penetration rate of inverter air conditioners promotes demand for soft magnetic alloys

The soft magnetic material is mainly used in the PFC inductor on the frequency converter of the air conditioner, which plays the role of adjusting the input power factor of the power supply and suppressing the high-order harmonics of the power grid as an energy storage boost inductor. According to industry online data, the total output of air conditioners in China will be 222.473 million units in 2022. Based on the growth rate of social consumer goods, it is estimated that the total output of air conditioners in China will be 244.521 million units in 2025. In order to meet the requirements of energy saving and consumption reduction, the penetration rate of domestic inverter air conditioners is expected to increase from the current 57% to about 80%. Based on this, the output of China’s inverter air conditioners in 2025 is estimated to be 195.617 million units. Assuming that China’s air conditioner production accounts for 80% of the global output, the global inverter air conditioner production will rise to 244.521 million units in 2025. The demand for soft magnetic materials for each household inverter air conditioner is about 0.25kg, so the global demand for soft magnetic materials for inverter air conditioners in 2025 will be 61,100 tons, and the CAGR from 2022 to 2025 will be 15.7%.


Amorphous and nanocrystalline soft magnetic materials are characterized with high permeability, high magnetic induction intensity, low coercivity,low loss, excellent characteristics over wide frequency range and temperature stability. They are widely used in information communication and power electronics industry, such as power distribution transformer, instrument transformer, inverter air conditioner, wind power, inverter technology, leakage protection and other areas. They promote the high-frequency, miniaturization of electronic products which contributes to energy saving and environmental protection.

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