Shuttering Magnet Systems

Magnet shuttering enhances mold preparation process
Lowering overall manufacturing costs and accelerating production are in the mind of every precast plant owner. The good news is that you can start to improve with small steps, which do not require massive investments. Here are few examples of how utilizing right shuttering materials and magnets can help to upgrade mold preparation.

For example, you have a precast wall production and want to maximize the usage of the casting table surface. Do you need to buy new tables? Not necessary. First try to change your formwork material and magnets. A compact multi-side magnet that fit into narrow places and have more than one jaw may be a solution. When you can use more than only one side of a magnet you can save space, time, and costs.

Sharp 90-degrees corners in door and window openings
Have challenges of keeping the corners straight in door and window openings? This is a common problem with wooden formwork widely applied in the wall production. The modern solution for that is aluminum side profiles, 90-degree corner pieces and magnets.

Get rid of crane handling
Heavy formwork materials like steel, and heavy magnets (if used) are time-consuming and unsafe combination that requires crane handling. Choose instead shuttering materials with weight of around four kilos per running meter for the average height of 150 mm and combine it with the lightest re-usable magnets. Then you can easily and safely move them without any lifting equipment.

Less material spend and cost savings
Want to save on mold costs over 10,000 euros annually? This tip is for manufacturers who still make mold of wooden materials. By replacing timber with aluminium profiles, you can almost half the timber spend and costs. Aluminum is re-usable, so you can cast directly on it. If you want to attach Al profiles to the plywood side forms, you need to purchase much less plywood than timber.

Less waste
Got tired of wooden waste in mold preparation? Our answer is – change to aluminum profiles and magnet shuttering. Even if you will use aluminum profiles in a combination with plywood, you do not need to change plywood side forms as often as the wooden forms. The result: you improve work safety, save money, and create less waste. Shuttering Magnet Systems

What are the main benefits of magnetic shuttering system?
The benefits of magnetic shuttering system are the same no matter how automated your production line is. magnet shuttering gives you a choice of preparing precast concrete molds faster and more efficiently even you have totally manual processes.

magnetic shuttering system will save you up to 70% in shuttering time with even triple the efficiency of the precast production.

With magnetic shuttering system you can:
Produce elements with precise dimensioning
Make straight 90-degree corners
Use the same formwork for different element thicknesses
By using Shuttering Magnet Systems you will:
Save money, time and space
Increase profit
Increase productivity
Accelerate production speed
Cut down on work phases
Ensure safety
Increase panel quality
Reduce waste
Start with a limited number of components and simply add more as your need grows. You don’t need to invest in a whole new system. Start small, supplement the one you already have and get the latest improvements of magnetic shuttering system along the way. Shuttering Magnet Systems

What is included in magnet shuttering system?
magnetic shuttering systems includes the patented jaw-type magnets of various types, light aluminium side profiles with or without plywood, as well as other utensils. Shuttering Magnet Systems

Magnets hold the side forms during the casting and vibration processes.
Formwork Construction Shuttering Magnets Neodymium 3100KG

2500KG Pull Force Galvanized Shuttering Magnet Assembly

Zinc Coating Precast Shuttering Magnets NdFeB 2100kgs

Black Epoxy Coated Powerful Shuttering Magnet for Concrete Wall Forms 3100KG

Adhesion Shuttering Magnets Galvanized 1600KG

Galvanized Shuttering Precast Concrete Magnetic Box 900KG Force

1600kg Concrete Shuttering Magnet Box