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Flexible Magnet: Made up of ferrite powder and synthetic rubber.

Characteristic: Various shapes are made by means of extrusion or pressing.It has good property of tenacity and can be made in various shapes and specifications.

Application: Widely used in electronic appliance, step electrical machinery, micro wave electrical machinery, magnetic bouncer, teaching tools, advertising, toys, etc.

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Rubber Magnet Magnetic Property

Rubber Magnet Magnetic Property

Rubber Magnets, also named flexible magnets, are made from ferrite magnet powders, plastics (such as Nylon, PP,PVC, etc.) and other materials by rolling, extruding or injecting. These compounds can be easily made into required shape, even size, such as strip, roll, sheet and other complicated shapes. Also it is very easy to incise, stiletto, slit on them because these magnets have good plasticity. They can be used in Advertising Vehicle signage(Named Magnetic Signs), Shelf and bin marking, Craft, decoration items, toys, and Surface masking, etc.

Good plasticity
Can be easily folded, twisted without losing its magnetic power
Low price because plentiful raw materials
High corrosion resistant

Available In roll, strip roll, sheet, etc
Isotropic and anisotropic rubber magnets available
Available with PVC, Pressure Sensitive adhesive,
UV coating is available for outdoor using and anti-stick when stacked on.
Custom made

Magnetic properties of Rubber Magnets

NO NF04 NF06 NF07 NF09 NF10 NF11
Properties of M&g 0.4~0.6 0.6~0.8 0.8~1.0 1.0~1.2 1.2~1.35 1.35~1.5
Gs 1400~1600 1600~1900 1900~2200 2200~2300 2300~2400 2400~2500
Residual magnetic Aux density
Oc 1000~1300 1200~1400 1300~1700 1650~2000 1900~2100 2000~2200
Coervive force
Oe 1600~2400 1500~2400 2000~2800 2000~2800 2400~3200 2400~3300
Coervive force
Kg/cm 60~85 60~85 60~85 40~55 40~75 45~75
Tensile strength
% 450~750 350~750 300~650 100~300 200~300 270~350?
Hardness 40~51 40~51 40~51 30~45 30~45 30~45
Shore D
g/cm? 3.65~3.7 3.65~3.7 3.65~3.7 3.65~3.7 3.7~3.8 3.7~3.8
Ferrite (Ceramic) – Physical Properties
Type Density Bending Strength Compressive Strength Electrical
Resistivity (Ωm)
Coeff. Of Thermal Expansion1 Curie Temperature
(kg/m3) (lbs/in3) (kg/m2) (lbs/in2) (kg/m2) (lbs/in2) // M ”´M (°C) (°F)
Fully Dense 4.9 x 103 0.180 1.4 x 103 2.0 x 104 9.1 x 103 1.3 x 105 1 x 108 1.4 x 10-5 1 x 10-5 450 840
Flexible 3.8 x 103 0.140 450 840

1 // M Parallel to magnetic orientation, ”´M Perpendicular to magnetic orientation.

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