Rotatable magnetic hooks base on neodymium pot magnet
Neodymium hook magnet is made of strong Neodymium magnet and a steel cup with normal hook attached at the top, it can hold almost anything you need to keep with easy reach, especially convenient for kitchen use.

We are offering neodymium hook magnet in a variety of different sizes from D10mm to D75mm, the Neodymium magnet is Ni-Cu-Ni plated, while outer steel cup and hook are both Nickel plated. Also, we can paint outer steel cup and hook with different colours if requested, such as Yellow, Red, White, Blue, Black and more.

Neodymium hook magnet is small but very strong! They can hang store signage, decorations and even holiday lights. Useful for hanging hot pads, keys, utensils, mirrors, ornaments and other decorations on metal doors, refrigerators, filing cabinets or other metal surfaces.

Rotatable Magnetic Hooks Base

Rotatable Magnetic Hooks Base

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