HSMAG products support customers with diverse solutions for rotary measurement, both incremental and absolute. Rotary solutions are used for continuous or discrete positioning, motion control, such as commutation, and many other solutions.

Rotary Magnetic Scale

Rotary Magnetic Scale

Rotary measurements requires two components:

Rotary sensing heads
Rotary scales

HSMAG develops and produces both absolute and incremental angle measurement solutions. In the combination of individual sensing head and task-specific scale, an optimal rotary measuring solutions can be developed.

Dipole rotary shaft end encoder

The most simple rotary measurement solution is a shaft end encoder, where an array of hall cells is measuring the orientation of a dipole magnet. The measurement of the position of the dipole magnet is absolute, since the orientation can be determined in relation to the hall cell array.

Hollow shaft, off axis encoder

Sensing heads that measure not at the shaft end and in the middle of the shaft are called off axis encoder. The off axis encoder can be used with hollow shafts to provide many different uses. The magnetical scale can be on the flange, on the outer or the inner diameter allowing for a high level of design freedom.

Rotary sensing heads

HSMAG offers a wide product range of linear sensing heads.

HSMAG Off Axis Sensing heads for counting

HSMAG Off Axis Absolute Sensing heads for position measurement and motion control

HSMAG can adapt these sensing heads for different applictaions, by adapting pole pitch or resolution.

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