Rectangular Electromagnet are available in four standard sizes. These magnets provide positive holding power and high responsiveness in numerous manual or automatic applications. Controlled by a remote IMI power supply, rectangular electromagnets are available in 24VDC, *110VDC and 120VAC models.

Our Electromagnets offer On/Off capability and can be controlled in an automated sheet metal handling system. Through the application of controlled DC electrical current, electromagnets have the ability to hold and release ferrous material on command.



Rectangular Electromagnets use a controlled electrical current to control the strength of the magnetic field. These plug-in electromagnets have controlled holding power and on command release.

The magnetic field of bi-polar magnets have a greater “reach-out” than that of flat-faced electromagnets. For this reason, they perform better than equivalent flat-face magnets when operating rough an air gap or any type of non-magnetic material between the workpiece and the magnet. Bi-polars, due to their extended poles, are designed to handle round parts, parts with uneven surfaces, and odd shaped parts. Contoured, auxiliary pole shoes can be added for better contact with the workpiece. RECTANGULAR ELECTROMAGNET

The extended, parallel pole design creates a greater “reach-out” of the magnetic field than a “flat-faced” style electromagnet and allows both the north and south poles of the bi-polar electromagnet to make contact with a workpiece that may be curved or have an irregular surface.RECTANGULAR ELECTROMAGNET

Large Bi-Polar Electromagnets can be used to handle bundles of steel or pipe, die blocks, castings, forgings, etc. Multiple Bi-Polars can be placed in tandem on a spreader bar to handle long sections of round bar, pipe, or structural shapes.RECTANGULAR ELECTROMAGNET
Custom, replaceable, pole shoes are available for special handling applications.

12 Volts DC Parallel Pole Electromagnets

12 Volts DC Parallel Pole Electromagnets

Rectangle Electromagnets

24 Volts DC Rectangle Electromagnets

Square Electromagnets

Flat Surface Rectangular & Square Electromagnets