Horseshoe Magnet’ Qustion

Why are magnets shaped like horseshoes?

It provides more strength. Because there are 2 poles right next to each other, we feel more powerful to a steel surface with this arrangement.Horseshoe Magnet

Using two poles right next to each other like this can be a great way to get a strong hold. We’ve shown a few examples using neodymium magnets with opposite poles right next to each other, though not in a complete horseshoe shape. This includes the alternating magnets of the Magnetic Knife Holder and the alternating poles of magnets used in Magnetic Spice Jars. Even the magnet-in-a-steel-cup design of our Mounting Magnets gets more strength using this basic idea.

Why is a horseshoe shape good for coercivity?

A horseshoe shape is kind of like a more extreme version of a long cylinder. It changes the load line (or Permeance Coefficient) of the magnet, so that the magnet is not tending to demagnetize itself. A horseshoe shape is chosen so that the magnetic material can stay magnetized. It is a high coercivity shape, of sorts.

With an earlier magnet material like Alnico, you couldn’t use a thin disc shape like we can with neodymium magnets. It would quickly demagnetize itself.

The use of a steel keeper on a horseshoe magnet is another step in improving this kind of performance. It helps the magnet not demagnetize itself even more than without the keeper.

Alnico horseshoe magnets

Alnico horseshoe magnets

Alnico Horseshoes/ Alnico Minor magnets/ Alnico Power magnets

Alnico horseshoe magnets are capable of operating at temperatures of up to a maximum of +550 degrees C. The Alnico horseshoe magnets are supplied in natural (uncoated / unpainted) and red paint finishes.

Alnico horseshoe magnet is a classic Alnico magnet shape. Sometimes the Alnico horseshoe magnet is called a C-shape magnet and is also known as a pocket Alnico horseshoe magnet, a minor Alnico horseshoe magnet, and a power Alnico horseshoe magnet. they are all Alnico horseshoe magnets but have different sizes and performances

If you are in any doubt about the choice of Alnico magnet, its size or need technical assistance, please contact us for assistance. And if you need a quotation for higher quantities of Alnico or a custom Alnico magnet shape or Alnico assembly, please contact us.

ps: An Alnico power horseshoe magnet is large and powerful compared to the small and weaker Alnico pocket horseshoe magnet.


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