Precast concrete formwork wall panels Pre-cast concrete formwork
A compliment for the on-sight construction

Pre-cast concrete formwork is a form of concrete that sticks, and its thickness is about 45 -70 cm. Later we cast in bottom reinforcement and duct formers in the form of electrical boxes, electrical duct formers to gypsum board walls, shafts, safety-railing holds, stop ends and more. To be able to lift the elements in place we cast in lattice girder reinforcement, which also works as basis for the top reinforcement. The standard widths are 1200 respectively 2400 mm, but the elements are designed and adjusted after the object unique conditions.
The pre-cast concrete formwork has many different areas of use. It mainly used when constructing new houses, but works just as well for offices, schools, hospitals and other applications.
There are different types of pre-cast concrete formwork: reinforced pre-cast concrete formwork, pretension pre-cast concrete formwork and precast concrete formwork beams.

Pre-cast concrete formwork wall panels
Makes use of the on-sight constructed walls benefits when it comes to power transference between parts of frames and the pre manufactured walls rationality and fine surface.
The pre-cast composite wall elements consist of two separately casted elements with a thickness of 50 mm, adherent with infused lattice girder reinforcements. When the walls are founded against steel forms you get a nice surface that demands minimal after treatment. The walls are already reinforced when delivered; the only thing that needs to be complimented is a wire-mesh reinforcement that will be put in the seam between the walls. We can manufacture sizes from 180 -400 mm, and then we cast them at the construction site. The space inside the wall, where the infusing is made, is 80 -300 mm depending on the thickness of the wall. Even in pre-cast concrete formwork wall panels, we infuse necessary electrical boxes, duct formers, cases for form ties and more.
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shuttering-system Magnetic-Steel-Chamfer loaf-magnet shuttering-magnet-levers

Shuttering Magnets

Shuttering Systems

Magnet Chamfer

Loaf Magnets

Shuttering Magnet Lever

Our shuttering magnet provides quick operation leading to improved efficiency when setting out and breaking down the formwork. We have developed a modular formwork system which can be used flexibly, rapidly, safely and efficiently in every field.

HSMAG can manufacture Triangle and Trapezoid Steel Chamfer / Magnet Chamfer in small and medium diameters according to customer specific requirements.

 Loaf Magnets with the retaining force. The loaf magnet is formed to be useful for our customers’ U-shuttering system , which make more adaption applications available. This lifting tool is for shuttering magnets of our line, it is strong available for all our shuttering magnets.
Other Form Support Magnets Precast Magnetic Accessories Magnetic Fixing Plates Miscellaneous Magnets Magnetic Recess Members

Magnetic Fixing Plates

Miscellaneous Magnets

Magnetic Recess Members 

Our Form Support Magnets
solutions dramatically simplify the process of building forms, as well as, adding fixtures to the form walls that deliver features into the concrete product such as lifting point anchors.
 Hot Rolled Anchor Channel, Plastic Nailing Plates, Rubber Coated Magnetic Wire Box, Magnetic Nailing Plate Removal Tool, Cold Rolled Anchor Channel

HSMAG Magnetic Fixing Plates (also kown as Magnetic Nailing Plates, Magnetic Socket Holder) is the best choose to fix sockets inserts to steel formwork if your precast concrete mold is steel.

Miscellaneous Magnets, Steel Embedded Wood Plate Magnet, BUTTON MAGNET, Styrofoam Magnets, Cam Magnet, Form Liner Magnet, Bulb Tee Magnet, etc. These magnetic recess members (pocket formers) are very durable and are intended to be used many times and include very strong magnets embedded in the base as a once-piece unit.