Pot Magnets for Sale

Either pot magnet or cup magnets it is named after its shape and they both refer to the same group of magnetic products. By gluing a round shape magnet into a steel pot/cup you get a prototype pot magnet and based on that prototype there are so many extensions being made by adding different accessories, using different shape components. Some of them could look so different from the prototype pot magnet but as far as their core working principle does not change, we still call them “pot magnet”. With the emerge of extension products other names are also used such as: round base magnet, hook magnet, etc.

Pot Magnets for Sale

Pot Magnets for Sale

Pot Magnet with Mounting Hole
They are also called: pot magnet with borehole, pot magnet with mounting hole, holding magnet with borehole etc. This is one of the most widely used pot magnets.

Pot Magnet with Screw Hole
Pot magnet with through hole shares the same structure while this series features a screw hole in the middle.

Flat Pot Magnet with Internal Threaded Bush
We have two versions of them respectively made from NdFeB pot magnet and ferrite pot magnet. NdFeB version features superior holding force while ferrite version is cheaper in price.

Countersunk Pot Magnet
They are also known as ‘shallow pot magnet with countersunk hole’. They are one of the most regular bought pot magnets.

Pot Magnet with External Thread
Various as they are but every product is meant to resolve certain kind of problems. Pot magnets, as simple as they look, come with so many extensions aiming at making some work easier.

Shallow Pot Magnet / with Steel Cover
The principle of this pot magnet is to glue one piece of solid disc magnet, either NdFeB or Ferrite, into the steel housing.

Heavy Duty Magnetic Clips
It is kind of creative to put clip and pot magnet together to make our lives handy. We really need to use our brilliance to bring out more of this combination.

Pot Magnet with Metal Rod
This pot magnet can be used solely for holding with the metal rod providing an easy way for removal. Meanwhile, it also can be used together with something else.

Rubber Coated Pot Magnet with Hook

Neodymium Pot Magnet Gummed with External Thread for Screwing

Dia 46mm Ferrite Limpet Pot Magnet with M6 Threaded Hole

Strong Retrieving Neodymium Pot Magnet 250KG

Ø 25mm Pot Magnet with Rotating Hook

Holding Pot Magnet with Carabiner

Steel Neodymium Skittle Pot Magnet Ø16 x 20mm