Polymagnet Applications

Polymagnets can be used in a wide variety of both consumer and industrial applications. New Polymagnets are regularly being added to the Polymagnet Catalog, continually increasing the range of applications that Polymagnets can be used for.

What’s Special About Polymagnets

Most off the shelf magnets have a simple nature. North on one side, south on the other. Some hard tooled, custom magnets have simple configurations of north and south.

CMR has invented a new, software-driven magnetizer that opens up entirely new magnetic systems. Rather than simple arrangements of north and south, customizable patterns are designed in software and programmed into a magnet in minutes. Not weeks.

Polymagnets are fundamentally different than conventional magnets. You can now customize the feel and function of a magnet system. In the race to design new and differentiated product, Polymagnets are an incredible new design tool to precisely tool the feel and function of a product.

Polymagnets are manufactured in any quantity from prototype to production volumes. Since the pattern is created in software, it can be changed and new prototypes delivered in days.

And with the tremendous flexibility of Polymagnets, entirely new types of magnetic systems can be created. CMR has a catalog of pre-engineered designs from incredibly strong holding magnets to magnet systems that spring, latch, release and align – and with these basic building blocks, that’s just a start. Contact a sales representative to see what Polymagnets can do for your product.

Polymagnet Applications

Polymagnet Applications

New Product Designs with Polymagnets

Polymagnets are a unique new tool for creative product designers that can enable real product differentiation and allow magnets for the first time to be tuned and engineered. Whether in products that currently use magnets or in applications that have never been able to use magnets before, Polymagnets open up a whole new set of opportunities for innovative product designers. Polymagnet Applications:

Cabinet Latches

Polymagnets that repel at a distance and attract when pushed together make for novel magnetic latches for uses like cabinets and other places where latches are used. Different Polymagnet latches have different amounts of strength – for both repelling and attaching – to achieve the perfect ‘feel’. Polymagnet Applications

Positioning Devices

Tripods, cameras, scopes, laser pointer and optics are all position sensitive devices, polymagnets that align and center offer repeatable, reliable positioning every time without the requirement of a feedback loop, active position control, recalibration or maintenance.

Consumer Electronics

Polymagnets can attach peripherals to consumer electronics with strong attach forces and precision alignment while keeping stray fields from sensitive items like credit cards or a compass. Polymagnets are ideal for today’s smaller, thinner and lighter devices.

Magnetic Couplings

Polymagnet coupling devices can transfer torque across an air gap without physical contact. torque overload protection, the elimination of wear, a barrier to vibration, and more are all potential benefits.

Vehicle Attachment

Polymagnets work much better than conventional magnets on the metal of cars and trucks. they can be used to attach signs, racks for skis and bikes, and even truck tie-down attach systems.

Retail Fixtures

Polymagnets, with amazingly strong attach and shear forces, make ideal fasteners for retail fixtures that enables fast and easy reconfiguration of shelves, racks and displays.

Storm Shutter Attachment

With a twist of a magnet in each corner, Polymagnets enable fast and easy attach and release of hurricane or storm shutters and just about any covering for windows and doors.

Power Tool Attachment

Polymagnets can enable the ability to quick-swap attachments and fasteners on power tools. In addition, Polymagnets can be used to attach tools and fasteners to work belts, toolboxes, workbenches and more.

Organizational Systems

With their remarkable shear force to hold heavy items on walls, Polymagnets can enable organizational systems for tools, toys, and more in the garage, panty, kids room, office – just about anywhere.

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