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Plastic Mounting Magnets

Plastic Mounting Magnets, Plastic integrated magnets

It’s special magnetic system of permanent magnets in plastic housing with protective cap, do not damage the magnet part and paintwork of the vehicle or any painting surface.

The plastic coated magnets could be customized as client’s request.the plastic mounting magnets are widely used in Antenna,taxi top sign;the plastic integrated magnets are popular used in promotion&education,underwater use,some special use industry

Plastic Mounting Magnets

Plastic Mounting Magnets

Powerful Plastic Mounting Magnets

Mounted on a number of products from 4 to 12 racks of 4 neodymium magnets
It provides a secure hold on the product surface of the car without damaging the paint of the car. The separator is made of a polymer having a high resistance to sliding. Repeatedly increasing shear force.

Universal Mounting Plastic Magnets

On Universal Mounting Plastic Magnets system 4 to 6 neodymium magnet size
It fits on all taxi checkers and advertising light boxes for use in urban and suburban road at speeds in accordance with the requir ements of the SDA.

Plastic Coated Magnets

Application:Promotional,Education,underwater use
These strong plastic coated magnets can be used as a learning tool to teach about the powers and properties of magnetism. They are coated in plastic to prevent demagnification upon dropping or mishandling. Each magnet is brightly colored in two colors.

Custom Plastics Integrated Magnets

HSMAG can supply your company with the whole solution. Plastics integrated magnets are the kind of magnetic assembly that could beneficial to some companies. It could save time and money. HSMAG can supply most types of plastics, shapes and sizes. Please contact us for more information.

Manipulator Magnetic Stand

Customer Magnetic Stand

Flexible Magnetic Stand

Universal Micromanipulator Stand

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