Plastic Bonded Permanent Magnets

Injected, plastic bonded magnets are used in small, as well as complex parts. Molded plastic bonded magnets are thermally more stable and they have higher remanent induction. The materials are suitable for multi-pole magnetization.

What is a plastic bonded magnets?
Plastic bonded magnets. Plastic bonded magnets can be pressed and injected. Pressed bonded magnets are the result of combining thermoplastic binders and powdered permanent magnets. They can be made in isotropic and anisotropic qualities. They show excellent mechanical properties allowing us to achieve tight tolerances,…

Plastic Bonded Permanent Magnets

Plastic Bonded Permanent Magnets

Type of material
Magnetic powders: ferrite or rare earth

NdFeB / SmCo
PA6 / PA11 / PA12

Work temperature
From 100ºC to 200ºC

Resistance to corrosion
Molding diversity

The mechanical and magnetic values will vary depending on the materials. These materials used in the injected magnets are mainly polyamides PA6 – PA12 – PPS Phenylene Polysulfide.

This type of injected magnets are more resistant to corrosion than sintered materials, for this reason they can be used in most applications without special coatings.

Injected magnets also have geometric advantages, just like in the plastic molding process, we can achieve complex geometries and with much tighter tolerances than in traditional sintered magnets.

With this type of injection materials maximum temperatures of 100ºC of work are obtained for PA12 and approximately 120ºC for PA6. For working temperatures of 200 ° C, PPS (Phenylene polysulfide) is used, which allows good behavior at high temperatures. Epoxy resins that can be used up to temperatures of 120ºC.

Customized Bonded Multi-Polar Injection Plastic Ferrite Magnets

Plastic Bonded Ferrite Magnets

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