Photovoltaic & Energy Storage Development, Alloy Soft Magnetic Applications

Soft magnetic materials are mainly used in the production of inverters in the fields of photovoltaic power generation and energy storage. Photovoltaic inverters and energy storage inverters are largely from the same source, and the two industries promote each other and develop together. Photovoltaic storage inverter, as the core equipment of photovoltaic power generation system, its working principle is to convert the variable DC voltage generated by photovoltaic solar panels into AC voltage of mains frequency, and feed it back to the commercial power transmission system, or the power grid for off-grid use. When there is a surplus of electricity during the off-peak period of electricity consumption, the electricity from the grid passes through the inverter charging and discharging controller to charge and store the battery. In the future, the inverter can continue to optimize the conversion of irregular AC power into sine wave AC current, and the output current is more stable and safe. It has a wide range of applications and is convenient for long-distance transmission. The market prospect is broad.

Photovoltaic & Energy Storage Development, Alloy Soft Magnetic Applications

Photovoltaic & Energy Storage Development, Alloy Soft Magnetic Applications

Photovoltaic storage inverters are mainly divided into centralized type, string type, distributed type, and miniature type. Soft magnetic materials are mainly used in centralized and string inverters. The soft magnetic materials of the centralized inverter are mainly silicon steel sheets, and the direct current is converted into alternating current through the current generated by the series parallel strings. Due to the large area, it is usually built in areas such as the Gobi Desert, and is used in large commercial roofs, industrial plants, etc. Due to the need to output a large current, that is, the reactor needs to have a high anti-saturation capability, so the silicon steel sheet with low iron loss rate and high quality is selected. At present, oriented silicon steel sheets have been developed to replace non-oriented silicon steel as the drive motor stator to improve efficiency; the soft magnetic material of string inverters is mainly metal soft magnetic powder cores, and an inverter is equipped for each photovoltaic string to Parallel connection to the grid, mainly used in small shopping mall roofs, parking lots, residential buildings, etc. Due to the high switching frequency of the string inverter, metal soft magnetic powder cores with low power loss and low coercive force are selected.

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