Magnetic Separators FOR Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industry

Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industry Magnetic Separators – Used to keep the product free from contamination we have supplied virtually our whole range of magnetic separators for in-line protection. Primarily supplied with high intensity rare earth magnets.


The pharmaceutical industry must meet stringent requirements for product purity. We offer a full line of magnetic separators, including Magnetic drawer, Drum magnets, Grates and Magnetic bars, Plate magnets, Magnetic chutes, hump magnets and Magnetic rotary Separator, to the pharmaceutical and chemical processing industries to fulfill the parameters of pharmaceutical and chemical industries, including sanitary finish, special coatings, stainless steel enclosures.


Half-Hump Magnets

Half-Hump Magnets, Single Hump Magnet, Hump Chute Systems, Dogleg Magnets, Chute Magnets, Single Magnetic  Hump Separators, Half Magnetic Humps Half-Hump Magnet is used where Hump Magnets doesn’t fit due to height restriction. Ideal for ferrous tramp metal separation in gravity systems, Hump Magnet separators are adaptable to either round pipe or rectangular chute transfer lines. […]


Customer Permanent Magnetic Hump

Customer Permanent Magnetic Hump, Customized Magnetic Hump System, Permanent Magnetic Hump, Customer Double Hump Chute Systems, Single Hump Magnet, Hump Chute Systems, Dogleg or Chute Magnets Magnetic Hump, is an in-line magnet for extracting fine ferrous metals from pneumatic conveyor systems. The leak-proof stainless steel hump contains two powerful magnetic plates positioned at right angles […]


NdFeB Hump Magnets

NdFeB Hump Magnets, Neodymium Magnetic Humps, Hump Magnet Separators, Stainless Steel Rare Earth Magnetic Hump, Ndfeb Magnetic Hump Separators, Magnetic Hump Assemblies NdFeB Hump Magnets – The rare earth neodymium hump system is used to remove small to large ferrous contamination from enclosed flow lines. Applications: The hump system is used to remove small to […]


Ferrite / Ceramic Hump Magnets

Ferrite Hump Magnets, Ceramic Hump Magnets, 90° Elbow Magnetic Separators, Magnetic Hump Separator,  Ferrite Magnetic Hump Assemblies, Ferrite Hump Chute Systems, Dogleg Magnets, Chute Magnets Hump Magnets or  90° Elbow Magnetic Separators generally consist of two Plate Magnets (made from ferrite / ceramic magnet) mounted in an offset housing and are installed in vertical spouts.  […]


Hump Magnet

Hump Magnet, Magnetic Hump, Hump Magnetic Separators, Ferrite Hump Magnet, NdFeB Hump Magnet, Magnetic Hump System, Permanent Magnetic Hump, Hump Magnet Separators Hump Magnet – There are Ferrite hump magnets and NdFeB Hump magnets available.custom size and shaple available also. Magnetic Humps are used where the flow of material is vertical. The material falling strikes […]