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Permanent Magnetic System – In permanent magnetic chucks, we find the utilization of highly magnetized materials which in a particular arrangement facilitate the clamping of magnetic steel. Under normal conditions, they do not lose their magnetic force.

permanent magnetic system chuck

permanent magnetic system chuck

Activation and deactivation is performed mechanically by movement of the internal system with permanent magnets. This is usually activated manually by use of a handle.

The advantages of a permanent clamping system are:

Independence from electrical power which means no other work costs.
Easy installation meaning quick transfer of the chuck on to another machine.
The permanent magnetic system does not create heat which means there are no thermal deformations of the pole plate or workpiece and consequently no inaccuracies in machining.
The robust design means it is totally maintenance-free with a very long working life time.

The disadvantages of a permanent clamping system are:

A lesser adaptability of chuck dimensions for big workpieces.
Not as suitable for heavier workpieces.
The mechanical switching system is not suitable for automated works.
The chuck is not very suitable for working with components with a temperature of above 80 °C.


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