Permanent Magnetic Motor for New Energy Automobile

HSMAG have investigated the new energy industry chain, the survey report shows that magnetic motor will be the mainstream technology of new energy vehicles.
Domestic research and development of new energy automotive drive systems leading enterprises introduce, there are three kinds of motors in the current market:

1. Switch resistance motor, there is 1/2 companies to manufacture such motors
2. The application of asynchronous induction motor, including AC Propulsion, etc.,
3. Magnetic motor , So far , most automakers adopt magnetic motors, adoption rate more than 90%



New energy vehicles have requirements to magnetic motor:
high efficiency ,high power and density reliability, low noise, low maintenance cost.
In this view, the magnetic motor also have requirements to NdFeB permanent magnets, mainly in the high stability about magnetic properties ,high working temperature and temperature-stable.
As long as there are no rare earth prices rose sharply in cost Magnetic motor is the most appropriate technology.
If the global new energy vehicles reach 10% penetration rate, we are able to estimate that 12-40 thousands tons NdFeB will be demand.
Therefore, the development of new energy vehicles is able to expand the demand for NdFeB magnets.


HSMAG motor magnets: