Super Strong Force Permanent magnetic lifter

Super Strong Force Permanent magnetic lifter

Super Strong Force Permanent magnetic lifter

Permanent magnetic lifters can hoist iron and steel objects while providing a quick and convenient method of loading, unloading and moving. As magnetic assemblies, they are only work with ferromagnetic materials, so it won’t work on plastic or glass. Permanent magnetic lifters are the most ideal lifting equipment for factories,warehouses,docks,transportation. Basically,when use the lifter, turn the rotor to ‘On’ position, there is a magnetism loop to picked up ferromagnetic materials. Whenturn to the ‘Off’ position,the magnetism loop weakened and throw the material off.



Heavy Duty Permanent Magnetic Lifter E Series

E Series Heavy Duty Permanent Magnetic Lifter, Super Strong Neodymium Permanent Magnetic Lifter, Power Lift Magnet, Universal Magnetic Lifter Magnetic Lifter Also known plate lifting magnets, the HSMAG range is the leader in lifting magnet sales worldwide. The huge power of HSMAG’s rare earth ‘neutral crown’ permanent lifting magnet technology is applied right at the lifting […]



Powerful Magnetic Lifter D Series

D Series Powerful Permanent Magnetic Lifter, Permanent Lifting Magnet, Super Strong Magnetic Lifter, Rare Earth NdFeB Magnetic Lifter Manufacturer Powerful Magnetic Lifter – HSMAG’ ranges of high strength magnetic lifters are produced with super strong Neodymium magnets, with your safety in mind. Operation is by way of turning the manual handle once on the operating surface. Magnetic […]



Manual Permanent Lifting Magnet C Series

C Series Manual Permanent Lifting Magnet, Heavy Duty Magnetic Lifter, Handling Permanent Magnet Lifter, Permanent Neodymium Lifting Magnet Permanent Lifting Magnet – Permanent Rare Earth ON/OFF Magnets These compact yet powerful Rare Earth lift magnets can be used on flat or round surfaces and contain an internal release on/off device that does not contact or […]



Permanent Magnetic Lifter B Series

B Series Permanent Magnetic Lifter, Power Lifting Magnet, Universal Permanent Magnetic Lifter, Heavy Duty Neodymium Lifting Magnets Permanent Magnetic Lifter – A kind of material handling equipment,To suck and move the metal sheet,CE certified The main uses and characteristics 1. Widely used in machining and mould processing industry. 2. Using high-performance permanent magnetic materials, with […]