Permanent Magnetic Clamping Blocks

A style permanent magnetic clamping blocks have 3 clamping sides (top, left and right side surface) and can be switched via the front panel. On the top there is a cross prism. Main areas of application can be found in the grinding and measuring. Angularity 0.025mm, 0.015mm parallelism.

B style permanent magnetic clamping blocks are equipped with two opposed, independently switchable clamping surfaces. The neodymium magnet system with fine pole 1.5+0.5 affects about 5mm deep and is ideal for clamping small and medium sized workpieces. The switching shaft can be actuated from two sides, so that the magnetic clamping block may also be used standing. Two M5 threads are located on the sides of the head on which stops or positioning can be attached. SPML clamping blocks are watertight and especially suitable for grinding, wire and sinker EDM. For use in aggressive media we recommend INOX.

Permanent Magnetic Clamping Blocks

Permanent Magnetic Clamping Blocks

Neodym Magnetic System, Steel with best Magnetic flux characteristics
2 separately switchable clamping surfaces
transverse pole pitch 1,5+0,5
Holding force ca. 80N/cm2
Magnetic Field Height ca. 5mm
Pole plate wearing limit ca. 3mm
Recommendation: precise, powerful clamping block for grinding, measuring and erosion

C style magnetic clamping blocks have 4 clamping sides and can be switched via the front panel rotary knob. They can be used for surface grinding, angle-grinding, coordinate grinding, eroding, measuring, etc. Because of the fine 2+2 mm pole pitch (0.5 mm) thinnest parts can securely be clamped. On the back there are four M5 threaded for mounting stops. The low magnetic field height of only 2mm and the complete hermetic seal to recommend SPM clamping blocks especially for use in wire and die-sinking EDM. SPM clamping blocks are also available in stainless chrome steel design.

D style permanent magnetic clamping blocks have 2 or 3 magnetic clamping surfaces that are not switchable. They are used for clamp the finest parts or poorly magnetizable materials such as high-alloy chromium steels or carbide. After editing, the block and the clamped workpiece can be taken completely for inspection of the machine. D clamping blocks are available in a standard or reinforced (with SE-magnet). Main areas of application can be found at the grinding, measuring, wire cutting.

E style Permanent magnetic clamping blocks have a 2-pin chip surface, which is activated or deactivated via the front operating toggle. They are designed for milling and can be used very flexibly. On the clamping side soft pole strips are placed, which can also be turned on and reworked. So specially shaped magnetic poles can be constructed, for example, difficult to clamp workpieces. Likewise, different clamping heights can be realized for stepped workpieces. The material thickness of the clamped parts should not be significantly below 20mm. Around the magnetic clamping block several holes for attaching additional attacks are introduced. E magnetic clamping blocks on both sides have a switch-shaft outlet, several E style can be operated jointly via an adapter. Angularity 0.015/100mm, parallelism 0.01/100mm.

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