Overband magnetic separators are kind of suspended magnets that are mainly designed to trap and hold the tramp metal from the product carried by the conveyor. For the necessary removal of the fe rrous contaminants overband magnetic separators are used. The overband magnetic separators are available in different configuration and sizes.


These units can be installed either inline over the terminal head pulley or transversal to the conveyor.

The magnets used are either ceramic or powerful rare earth magnets .

The separator is housed in stainless steel structure .

They are available in both flat and curved shapes and could be installed either above or below the passage of material flow.

Overband Magnetic Separators

Overband Magnetic Separators


The overband magnetic separators are used in mining industry wherein the material is kept moving on.

The magnets are also used in foundries for to clean the sand.

In iron and steel industry overband magnetic separator play a pivotal role.

The overband magnetic separators have also wide applicability in food, plastic and glass industries.

Buying Tips

You must take care of following aspects before buying overband magnetic separators:

The width of the magnets should be in congruent with the width of the conveyor belt.

The speed of the belt must also be taken into account before choosing the separator.

You should also bear in mind the nature of the product, its density, its granulometry and the size of the pieces which have to be extracted.

Buyers Advantage Overband Magnetic Separator

The overband magnets are available in different varieties and configuration to meet your various needs.

The overband magnetic separator protect machinery, their strength and also assure you the product purity.

They can be well applied with wet, dry, fine or course materials.

These magnetic separators are designed to handle tougher scrap metal.

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