Order Counterbore Magnet As Your Requirement

Counterbore (Counter-Sink hole) magnet, I believe you will not be unfamiliar, is a magnet with a counterbore, its shape can be circular counterbore, square counterbore, arc shaped counterbore, is also a kind of magnet used in the market. If you have the order demand of countersunk permanent magnet, please provide us with your specifications and other requirements for the convenience of price evaluation.

Order Counterbore Magnet As Your Requirement

Order Counterbore Magnet As Your Requirement

The advantage of using this kind of countersunk magnet is that you can fix it with screws where you want to fix it. It is often used in decoration and hardware processing plants. If it is used in decoration, it is usually combined with some materials for construction. Some of them are locked in the interior of the goods, which can not be seen from the appearance, but it has the function of magnetic absorption, which can absorb iron objects, such as key strings or It’s small scissors, or it’s used to hold photos. It’s widely used. For example, for example, in home decoration, there are often wooden boards or wooden strips. As long as you drill a square hole in the wood, you can lock it inside, and then you can use it to absorb the paper photos or small tools you want to absorb, which is quite convenient.

The utilization rate in the hardware processing plant is also quite high. Many hardware appliances or hardware products will want to increase the magnetic absorption function. Some use the powerful magnetic force of NdFeB magnet to absorb the finished products, and some want to increase the magnetic absorption function on the commodities. No matter what they are used for, they will be more attractive than the same type of products.

The counterbore magnets are basically axial magnetized. Their counterbores can be in N-pole or S-pole, depending on the customer. They can be used in combination with countersunk screws such as M4, M5, M6, and M8. Whether the counterbore is in N-pole or S-pole, the counterbore magnets can be used in pairs or mutually exclusive. That is to say, when you use two countersunk magnets, the counterbore surfaces can be mutually attractive, We can also repel each other.

We can supply you with the materials of rare earth NdFeB, ferrite and Smco.

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