HANGSENG MAGNETECH INC. is “Changing the way things are done” in the automation industry. As a disruptive automation technology, HSMAG has challenged the preconceptions about permanent magnetic tools by demonstrating complete ON/OFF technology, fail-safe actuation, reliability, and versatility previously unheard of in the industry.

HSMAG is striving to achieve market dominance in the automation industry by targeting multiple automotive OEMs and proving out the advantages of the HSMAG technology in all processes involved in steel handling. The current focus is toward bin-picking and flexible fixture production. To learn more about these areas and other applications, please contact a HSMAG representative.


As part of the corporate mission, HSMAG is providing a high level of support for industrial applications. Contact us directly to get advice on your application. HSMAG and their representatives will be able to identify the appropriate solution for the project and can assist in designing mounting, pole shoes, and other accessory components.

Complete application assistance is provided following your application from initial inquiry to successful installation and testing. Be sure to take advantage of the expertise of HANGSENG engineers and representatives on your project. Utilizing new soft technologies, application engineers are able to accurately model your application utilizing HSMAG magnets and accessories and provide direct results improving confidence in solutions before a single part is produced.


heavy duty magnetic weld holders 25lbs

Heavy Duty Magnetic Weld Holders 25Lbs

Heavy Duty Magnetic Weld Holders 25Lbs Steel Connector Soldering Tool, Multi-Angle Welding Magnets, Small Magnetic Welding Holder with Multi Angles Mechanic Craft tool Steel Joiner Magnetic Weld Holders Features: Part No.: HSMWH-2006 Maximum Working load (lbs.) : 25Lbs Color: Red (Oraign) / Blue / Black / Yellow or Customized Design Paint Dimensions: 3-3/4”x2-1 /2” 3 Years Guarantee Powerful Magnet Large […]

customized welding angle magnet

Customized Welding Angle Magnet

Customized Welding Angle Magnet, Welding Magnet Right Angle Square Holder Soldering Durable, Strong Arrow Welding Magnet Holder, Customized Color Magnetic Welding Clamps Magnets, Arrow Magnetic Welding Holder Welding Angle Magnet Features: Part No.: HSMWH-2001/2002/2003/2031 Maximum Working load (lbs.) : HSMWH-2001 10lbs HSMWH-2002 25lbs HSMWH-2003 50lbs HSMWH-2031 75lbs Color: Red (Oraign) / Blue / Black / Yellow or […]

Custom Magnetic Weld Angle Holder Support

Custom Magnetic Weld Angle Holder Support

Magnetic Weld Angle Holder Custom Magnetic Weld Angle Holder Support, Magnetic Square Welders Welding Clamp, Holding Welding Magnet, Magnetic Arrows Holder Welders Soldering, Customized Magnetic Square Clamps Magnetic Weld Angle Holder Features: Part No.: HSMWH-01/02/03/04 Maximum Working load (lbs.) : HSMWH-01 28lbs-12KG HSMWH-02 73lbs-33KG HSMWH-03 95lbs-43KG HSMWH-04 80lbs-36KG Dimensions: 57mm x 62mm, 110mm x 110mm, 92mm x 93mm, 116mm x 125mm Designed To […]