To go magnet fishing you only need two things:
1. A magnet with some kind of hole in it.
2. A rope as strong as the weight the magnet can hold.

The magnets

You need a strong magnet you are able to attach the rope to.
It either has to have a hole in it or some kind of eye like the ones in the pictures.
The ones we have are from
We have a little one and large one.
The little one is Pot magnet with eyelet HSPNS-F100
It is able to lift approximately 100 kg and weighs 210 grams
I comes with an metal eye you can attach to the magnet using the threads.

The large one is Pot magnet with hook HSPNS-F600
This one is able to lift approximately 600 kg and weighs 2800 grams
The difference between this and the little magnet is that this one comes with a metal hook instead of a metal eye.
But as you can see in the pictures I was able to bend the metal into an eye in a vice.



The rope

Depending on the magnet you have you need some rope.
First time I was fishing with small magnets I used fishing line which had a tensile / breaking strength of 6 kg.
But if you have a 100 kg strong magnet, a fishing line is useless in the fight of a heavy object, unless it is a really strong line!!!
The white rope you can see on the picture is just a normal clothesline. and up to this day I haven’t caught anything which caused it to break.

BEWARE some people on the subreddit, magnetfishing, says, that you should not use paracord a all. To that, I disagree. They say it doesn’t hold, because the knots make the rope weak. I have used paracord for magnet fishing in more than two years now, and i have NEVER broke the paracord. You can be unlucky with any rope you buy.

But if you don’t want to use paracord, I would advice you to go to a harbor or sailing store, and buy some of their strong rope. The reason I am not doing that, is that it is a way thicker than the paracord and it weighs many times more, both dry and even more wet.



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