Ndfeb Magnet Plate Sheet F30x10x1mm Magnetic Force

Ultra-thin ndfeb magnets, how thin have you seen them? Today with you to introduce is a 1mm thick ndfeb sheet, including its magnetic force, can absorb multiple, price, magnet size is F30x10x1mm, N38 performance.

F30x10x1mm magnetic force (suction) illustration
The size is thin (do not break, do not hit) and can be absorbed through 8mm wood,It can easily absorb an art knife and a stapler.

How high is F30x10x1mm surface magnetism?

F30x10x1mm Magnet Gauss

Ndfeb Magnet Plate Sheet F30x10x1mm Magnetic Force

Ndfeb Magnet Plate Sheet F30x10x1mm Magnetic Force

According to the actual measurement, the center of F30x10x1mm strong magnet is about 740gs.

F30x10x1mm magnet how much a price?
The price of magnets is related to many factors, such as the quantity you want, tolerance, coating, and temperature resistance requirements, etc. Please contact us for the specific price.

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