NdFeB Magnet Mechanical Processing

Introduction of NdFeB magnet slicing, wire cutting, surface grinding, chamfering, etc.
The slicing, wire cutting, surface grinding, forming grinding, ultrasonic drilling, chamfering, etc. of NdFeB magnets are all mechanical processing. Today, let’s make a popular science on these operating procedures to satisfy your curiosity.

The large blank is processed into small pieces, and only the plane is processed, which is completed by a slicer.

Wire cutting
Machining large blanks into small pieces is mainly used to process curved surfaces and planes with a relatively large area, as well as special-shaped magnets.

Surface grinding
Grind the surface of the magnet to improve the dimensional accuracy.

Forming mill
Surfaces that require high machining accuracy.

Ultrasonic drilling
For some customers who require relatively small holes, ultrasonic drilling is required.

Sleeve hole
Machining a hole with a relatively large diameter.

The sharp corners of the magnet are processed into rounded corners, generally 0.1, 0.2, the main purpose is to facilitate electroplating, not to hurt your hands, install and use.

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