Multi-pole Magnetic Rotor Assembly for USA Electric-motor Customer

HSMAG has secured an order for the supply of 600 multi-pole Samarium Cobalt (SmCo) magnetic rotor assemblies annually to a USA prominent Electric-motor customer. The magnetic rotor order was placed at the end of 2018 with deliveries starting in 2019 and running for 10 years.

The HSMAG engineering team has worked with this customer for a number of years. The new order was placed after a 12-month period of close co-operation between the two companies quality and production teams identifying and implementing improvements to manufacturing processes for compliance with strict regulations.

Multi-pole Magnetic Rotor Assembly for USA Electric-motor Customer

Multi-pole Magnetic Rotor Assembly for USA Electric-motor Customer

Magnetic Rotor Assembly Technology

This multi-pole SmCo rotor is assembled un-magnetised with four pure arc magnets secured using a high-temperature adhesive. Samarium Cobalt is a permanent rare earth magnet material that outperforms other high strength magnets, such as Neodymium, above 150 degrees Celsius. SmCo has excellent resistance to corrosion and is used widely in the aerospace, military, and automotive industries.

Once the magnets are fixed into position, the assembly is then precision ground on the outer diameter and bearing surfaces. Following the grinding operation, a metallic retention sleeve is a heat shrunk onto the outer diameter of the magnet, before attaching the shaft and end collars. Sleeving the magnetic rotor prior to magnetisation allows for a higher elevated temperature during the sleeving process without permanent loss to the magnetic strength. The result is a higher pre-stress on the magnets, which allows a higher operational rotation speed.

The rotor sleeve is then machined back to a thickness of 0.15mm before being cleaned prior to magnetisation. The magnetic rotor assembly is magnetised in a bespoke Bunting designed and built post-assembly magnetising fixture. Following magnetic saturation tests, the magnetic rotors are packed ready for despatch.

In order to meet the ongoing customer’s required usage, HSMAG has increased the stock position of semi-finished and finished components.

In order to smooth out potentially price volatility of SmCo magnets over the term of the project, the Electric-motor customer provided initial funding and future order cover to forward purchase key raw materials.

Samarium Cobalt magnets

Samarium Cobalt magnets

Samarium Cobalt Magnets

This latest Electric-motor project reflects the magnet engineering expertise of the HSMAG team at Shanghai, China. HSMAG supplies magnetic materials and magnetic assemblies for many commercial and military Electric-motor partners with some bespoke components supplied into the satellite industry.

HSMAG design and manufacture a wide range of magnetic separators, metal detectors, magnets and magnetic assemblies. Many are bespoke for specific applications. For further information on bespoke magnet assemblies or magnet designs, please contact us.

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