Moving Magnet Actuators


The Servotube Linear Actuator is based on the Servotube linear motor – but here a sliding guide is integrated, so that the actuator can be operated directly without additional mounting of a guide. In this point the Servotube Linear Actuator is similar to a electric leadscrew cylinder or a pneumatic cylinder / pneumatic actuator.

The Servotube electric cylinder works physically like a conventional 3-phase brushless linear motor – however, in the Servotube electric cylinder the magnets are designed as a round rod which is guided through the inner hole of the winding. This results in a symmetrical structure that is free of lateral forces. A further advantage of this design is the closed version, which makes it possible to achieve protection class IP67.

The greatest advantage of the servo tube linear servo actuator is the integrated encoder: the magnets of the servo tube electric cylinder are scanned by precise hall-effect sensors and the position information obtained is converted into industrial 1Vpp signals that can be read in at the encoder input of the servo controller. This turns the Servotube electric cylinder into easy to handle and extremely low-cost linear servo actuators with which a repeatability of +/-8µm (depending on size) can be achieved.

Moving Magnet Actuators

Moving Magnet Actuators

For a ready plug & play solution we offer you the suitable controllers of the Xenus or Accelnet series (see Xenus or Accelnet servo drives). Those allows both stand-alone solutions (indexer operation or ASCII commands via RS-232 or I/O control) and fieldbus-controlled network solutions (CANopen or EtherCAT) to be implemented.

For other controllers that cannot read the low-frequency 1Vpp signals of the Servotube linear servo actuators, we offer the SI-10 interpolation unit; with this unit the 1Vpp signals are interpolated and output as TTL AquadB encoder signals with 10µm resolution; the adaptation to the different servotube electric cylinders is done via a resistor in the cable; in addition, digital hall-effects signals are emulated and the thermal contact can be output via the interpolator together with the other signals in one cable.

The main features of the Servotube electric cylinders are:

high force density: 7 to 276N continuous (46 to 1,860N peak)
wide working range: 318mm stroke (depending on size)
integrated measuring system (sine/cosine, 1 Vpp), optional interpolation module for AquadB encoder output
high protection class: IP67 standard (optionally food grade)
Plug & Play: ready-made motor files for the Xenus/Accelnet controller, cables etc. available
direct drive electric cylinder: dynamic, precise, backlash-free, quiet, maintenance-free, long life

model 1104 1108 1112 1116 2504 2506 2508 2510 3804 3806 3808 3810
continuous force
without heat sink
6 10.8 15.2 19.3 42.5 59.5 75.1 90.0 120.1 168.2 212.7 255.0
peak force
46 53 69 92 312 468 624 780 744 1116 1488 1860
max. speed
5.3 5.6 5.4 4.7 5.9 5.3 4.7 4.2 4.7 3.8 3.1 2.6
max. acceleration
407 359 378 422 394 483 542 586 250 313 357 391
stroke (actuator)
14 – 271 27 – 309 33 – 318
forcer w x h
61 x 28 68+27 x 54 84+38 x 70
forcer length
124.1 175.3 226.5 277.4 188.5 239.5 290.5 341.5 258.0 329.0 400.0 471.0
Forcer mass
0.240 0.390 0.520 0.650 1.25 1.70 2.25 2.65 2.75 3.75 4.75 5.75
shaft diameter
11 25 38
shaft mass
0.68 3.5 8.3


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