Motor Remanufacturing Technology

Remanufacturing technology will be a necessary industry for turning waste into treasure!

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of the energy efficiency requirements of motors around the world, both motor manufacturers and consumers have some in-service products that do not meet the standard requirements to varying degrees. This is also true for new motors that have not been put on the market. How to dispose of the motor is indeed a problem.

Motor remanufacturing is a series of electrical engineering activities with quality characteristics higher than the original new product level and a series of electrical engineering activities based on the original waste motor based on the professional repair process or upgrading and transformation technical means.

This sounds like a very good idea, but we must pay attention to the implementation. Judging from the technical means that can be queried now; the cost of remanufacturing is very high. Whether it can truly meet the energy efficiency standards of the corresponding series of motors is also a problem. Pronblems to be verified.

Motor Remanufacturing Technology

Motor Remanufacturing Technology

Replacing the material and windings of the stator core of the motor is an effective measure to reduce losses in terms of material improvement. For relatively large ones, there have also been specific remanufacturing cases like the stator material of the motor is improved, and the stator windings have been remanufactured. Design and adjust the fans directly related to the efficiency performance. The overall efficiency improvement is good.

Some people in the motor industry also use the method of replacing the ordinary motor rotor with permanent magnets. They do this to ensure that the basic structure of the motor remains unchanged, and the rotor part is processed and embedded with permanent magnets, which also improves efficiency.

The above two schemes are theoretically feasible, but in terms of practical application, different motor manufacturers and products with varied specifications will use different remanufacturing schemes.

Making products that do not meet the requirements and turn waste into treasure with a small investment is a motor technology that is worth studying, and it can also be a new type of industry in the future.

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