Motor Magnets Assembly

Linear Motor Magnets – Neodymium Magnet Manufacturer China HSMAG

Linear permanent magnet motor is a kind of transmission that can transform a closed magnetic field to an open one and change electric energy to mechanical energy moving in a straight line without any intermediate conversion mechanism.

Main features:
1. Highly responsive and efficient, can lengthen its route and needs no maintenance, with low noise and smooth pushing force.
2. Can reach high accuracy with the application of grating ruler. It has fast speed with high accelerate speed and short accelerating process.
3. Are widely applied to civil use, industry and military.

Motor Magnets & Assembly

Motor Magnets & Assembly

High-speed Rotors – Magnet Manufacturer China HSMAG

Besides permanent magnets, according to customers’ special requirements, we can produce various kinds of assemblies, such as motor shell assembly, high-speed rotors and precise stepper motor rotors. We can provide you with all kinds of high-speed motor rotor with high performance, rotating speed, precision and corrosion resistance. Also, it can be sold with motor shaft together. With years of experience of magnetic application, we can supply optimized application plan of magnetic materials .

1. Limiting speed can reach 60000-120000rpm
2. Precise dimension
3. High torque
4. Firm

High-speed rotors are always applied to motor models and industrial brushless motors, which consists of permanent magnets (sintered neodymium magnets, injection ferrite magnets, bonded neodymium magnets or samarium cobalt magnets) and iron bearings.

Stepping Motor Rotors & BLDC Rotors
Stepping motors are made of bonded NdFeB magnets and metal parts that are stuck together or injected together. HSMAG has great experience in producing permanent magnetic stepping motors. These assemblies have big torques and low noise. We can assemble axles, gears and magnetic rotors together to make assemblies.

1. High-precise dimension
2. High energy product
3. High corrosion resistance
4. Sold with axles

Others Housing Assembly

Neodymium Magnetic Coupling Manufacturer – China HSMAG
Traditional couplings are all contact. Service life of couplers is limited by abrasion and they have to work in sealed situation, but leakage is always caused by defects of dynamic sealing. Magnetic couplings adopt non-contact working styles based on magnetic coupling principle, in which way service life is greatly lengthened. Also, these couplings use static sealing instead of dynamic sealing, which resolves the problems of leakage.

With years of experience in magnetic technology, permanent magnet manufacturer HSMAG can provide you with professional service of magnetic products. Meanwhile, with ability of independent developing and researching and designing, we can offer you optimized product designs and application plan.

1. Non-contact magnetic couplings using magnetic coupling theory
2. Static sealed, high precision and efficiency, no leakage

These magnetic couplings can be used in chemical and paper-making industries, etc.