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This magnetic badge attachment is clothing friendly as it doesn’t cause tears or pin holes. The magnetic badge attachment has two, round, rare earth magnets. The magnets of the HSMAG magnetic badge attachment are encased in plastic and come with one zinc-plated steel plate. The steel plate of the HSMAG magnetic badge attachment includes a pressure-sensitive foam pad with peel-away liner, which is attached to the back of your badge or ID card. The other half of the two magnet, magnetic badge attachment is placed underneath your clothing for a secure hold.

Mini ABS Magnetic Badge Attachment

Mini ABS Magnetic Badge Attachment

Magnetic badge attachments are used to attach tags to clothing without the use of pins or clips. While pins are used to puncture and potentially damage fabric, these magnets go on either side of the fabric and cling to each other. Choose from multiple magnet shapes and styles.

Choose from four magnet types, each offering a different weight and plate size to best fit your ID badge.
MagnaBadge: heavy weight magnet with a standard adhesive plate
MagnaLite: lighter weight magnet with a standard adhesive plate
MagnaMini: lightweight magnet with an adhesive plate, which includes two parts
MagnaDisc: lightest weight magnet available with two separate adhesive disc-shaped plate parts

Magnetic Badge Findings is a two-piece magnet set that includes a zinc-plated backing plus a three-magnet strip. Magnetic badge attachments are simple to use and comfortable to wear, but offer an impressive hold without damaging material. To use, apply the adhesive-coated plate directly to the back of a badge holder or ID card; attach to clothing by aligning the three-magnet strip to the zinc plate behind clothing. Employee ID badges or visitor badges come off and on in a breeze with magnetic badge findings!

Magnetic attachments are ideal for work environments that do not require employees to wear uniforms, but do require ID badges to remain visible at all times. These powerful, two-piece, rare earth magnet attachments allow you to wear your ID without damaging your clothing. Magnetic attachments are also a great solution for badging applications involving non-punched or non-slotted cards. Browse Our selection of magnetic attachments, read customer reviews, and save!

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