Microwave Magnet Generator


As I promised quite some time ago,I have finally found the time to get back to work on this generator. This is the dual stator,with 96 magnets on 3 plates(1/2″ tk.)

Test on a single coil has produced 12Vac with .8 ohms resistance, this was tested in the lathe at 500rpm.. I am planning 3 phase wiring. 3 coils to each band of the three bands per stator.Then the 2 stators would be wired in parallel. If anyone wish to comment on this project I welcome the critics, its’the only way to learn and improve.

Hey this is my project, well one of them and only a duel rotor.
I see you have doubled up the magnets as I have, how many turns in your coil?
What size wire?
Round as oposed to a wedge shape did you experiment or just opt for round coils?
Air gap?

If you’re going to put the stators in parallel it’ll be critical that the they be aligned to be exactly in phase. It’ll be easy enough to check by looking for a change in torque when they’re connected. Another option would be to purposely offset one stator by half a magnet and rectify it separately. Then you’d have a six phase machine!

Microwave Magnet Generator

Microwave Magnet Generator

I too have been investigating ways to make a ‘largish’ alt utilizing microwave mags. I have gone away from axial flux now, but when considering a tripple rotor such as you have, I thought that perhaps the central steel disc as was not necessary. Basically the flux path would be right through the whole assembly i.e. Plate N/S Coil N/S Coil N/S Plate. You could set the central magnets in resin much as you would do the coils. I don’t know that it would get you any greater output, but it would save some weight. I would think that wedge shapped coils would be preferable to the round coils you have in your pics. More wire perpendicular to the moving flux. It would not be hard to make up two coils with a few turns each to test the difference. One of the obvious problems with micro mags are their lack of strength (compared to neos). Have you considered thinner, overlapping coils in an effort to get thinner stators? A smaller gap will increase the flux seen by the coils. It shouldn’t be hard to get a fair amount of copper into such a large diameter stator (what is the rotor diameter by the way?). I am very interested in your work so please keep us posted with your progress!

All of the magnets in the machine are atracted to each other.


I was wanting to try some stuff with this. You could make the middle rotor out of something else, and use less magnets to get the same power. That way, if you used neos, you could use 36 mags to get almost twice the power.(?)I think.


looks like a lot of us have simular ideas.

I was wondering if a guy was to double the mag’s up like you did, just use the usual 2 rotor set-up if it would put out enough to keep up a charge?

My $$$$ situation here is very limited and have about 40-50 mic. mags, may be able to get more in time.

We are totally off grid using a propane gen. to keep up 16-245ahr batts at 12v. solar is out as I can not afford to set up with them. I am as new as a fresh tater outa the ground to wind stuff, very capable builder of most anything, just do not have the big math stuff going on in my head.

I do have a set of blades for the 8ft. machine, hubs from trucks and various metal goodies around. would set unit a-top a tri-pod from 40ft. elec. poles I can get for nothing and add in a telescoping 20 ft. mast.

we usuall get 12-24hrs of 10 plus mph winds daily with gusts to ? winter time we will see wind speeds of (sustained) 65-70mph for days. need to set up 3 phase with auto shut down relay for those times. Need all the help I can get as the propane is getting hard to keep up with plus the machine is old. Thanks, Jim
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