Magnets for Chemical Industry

Foreign metal particles are the cause of many problems in the chemical industry. Magnets remove these often tiny metal particles and ensure that the basic properties of the raw materials remain intact.
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The consequences of metal contamination
Discolouration of detergents or coatings if rust is present. They can also cause major damage in the processing of gas and oil, during combustion in a turbine or motor.
Undesirable metal particles can also change the product properties. Like the conductivity of carbon black, for batteries.
When fabricating plastics, unwanted metal particles reduce the insulation value of cables.
These negative effects can be avoided by applying magnets.

Magnetic filters for liquids and powders in pressure lines
These magnetic filters can filter small ferrous contaminants – like wear particles – from liquid mixtures and powders in pressure lines up to 10 bar.

Magnets for Chemical industry

Magnets for Chemical industry

The filter’s powerful neodymium magnetic bars are located in the middle (in-line) of the product flow. This ensures optimal magnetic contact, so even the smallest ferrous particles are optimally removed.

They are used in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, among others. For example in milk powders, melted chocolate, pigments and paints. But e.g. also in the ceramics industry, to prevent the formation of black specks in glazes.

In English language they are also known as magnetic trap, magnetic strainers, pipeline magnets or inline magnets.

Getting metal out of chemicals
Magnetic filters meticulously and efficiently remove rust and small weakly magnetic metal particles our of chemicals. They help to recover ferromagnetic catalysts.

This prevents damage and results in significant savings. The material choice of the magnet is particularly important. The product may be caustic and damage the seal or housing.

The system must also be completely self-cleaning and be able to be used in high-pressure processes. We have developed various magnetic separators to choose from.

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