We bring over 20 years of working within the automotive supply chain, providing all magnets and magnet materials available.
Permanent magnets have played a significant role in the development of automotive engineering; from internal combustion, to hybrid and EV powertrain technologies and now are enabling the future of autonomous vehicles.



Manufactured in Ningbo, China, HSMAG is the only Ninghai in Zhejiang manufacturer of compression bonded magnets, injection molded magnets and hybrid magnets. In addition, we are a provider of sintered neodymium magnets and magnetic assemblies. Our exclusive neodymium magnets can be designed to any size, shape or strength thanks to a complete range of presses from 4-ton to 200-ton. “Made in China” is a fact, not rhetoric.

Our injection molded, insert molded and over-molded capabilities allow us to produce magnetic assemblies in high volume that meet automotive critical production and quality standards. ISO 9001:2015 certification and lean manufacturing techniques are critical to the success of our manufacturing processes. HSMAG can offer full level three PPAP documentation for all your requirements.

Advanced manufacturing capabilities combined with logistical know-how
• ISO 9001:2015 certification and lean manufacturing techniques
• Level 3 PPAP documentation available
• Customer requirements to meet demand
• Lower freight costs for UK and Japan customers

Magnet Materials

• Neodymium Iron Boron – the strongest magnet available for electric motors and generators
• Samarium Cobalt – to support engine systems with its high heat tolerance
• Ceramic/Ferrite – corrosion- resistant for low cost motors
• Alnico – most thermally stable and high temperature capable materials
• Bonded Magnets – infinite shapes possible and one step value added assemblies
•  Magnetic materials we use to manufacture our products

We supply custom magnets to global companies like Honda, as well as major parts suppliers.
We have supplied millions of parts into the Honda Customer Supply Chain and other Tier 2 and Tier 3 automotive suppliers and meet all of their exacting quality supply standards. We have extensive supply chain experience and participate in consignment and design requirements of our customers.

Air Conditioner Compression NdFeB

Ring Injection Molded Bonded NdFeB Magnets

Block Neodymium Servo Motor Magnet 38UH

N45UH Block Shape Neodymium Laminated Magnets

Epoxy Plating Magnet Disc Ø10 x 3mm N42