MAGNETS ARE EVERYWHERE – Magnets EVERYWHERE  might seem like something only teachers and important scientists use, but they’re actually a very large part of our everyday lives. There are magnets EVERYWHERE. From your bathroom to your bedroom to your kitchen, many items s we use and rely on on a regular basis use magnets.

Handbags – Many purses, handbags, and wallets use magnets to close and secure the opening or the flap.
Jewelry – Neodymium magnets are utilized in many pieces of jewelry as a clasp. Pulling on the necklace with enough force allows the magnets to separate, preventing the jewelry from breaking.
Books – Some expensive books will use thin magnets in the covers to keep them closed. It adds a whole new dimension to that satisfying snapping when you finally finish a book.
Cabinets – You might not think about it, but the cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom and even the doors on nightstands most likely have magnets inside to keep them closed.
Vacuum cleaner – Magnets are integral to the inner workings of your vacuum’s motor. Some vacuums are even outfitted with magnetic devices to prevent metal objects from damaging the inside of your vacuum.
Home treadmills – Some exercise equipment use magnets to keep track of the number of revolutions and convert that information into distance travelled.
Laptops – Magnets live in the hard drive of your computer as well as in the lid so that the computer can tell when it’s closed.
Speakers – Most speakers contain a magnet that interacts with a coil of wire in order to create sound. This means in your TV, stereo, radio, cell phone, etc.
DVD Player – Sure, most people just use Netflix now, but some of us still cling to the (almost) bygone era of DVD discs. The motor that spins your DVD contains a magnet!
The Internet – Imagine a world without the internet. Where would we be? Certainly not reading this blog. The hard drives where the internet is stored operate using tiny little storage magnets.
Sinks – Sounds a little strange but your kitchen sink most likely has a small water conditioning magnet inside it to prevent the buildup of limescale on your tap.
Ceramic Tiles – Tiles are frequently held on by magnets when there is an electrical panel behind them that needs to be accessed.
Magnets rule everything around us! Where would we be without magnets in our lives to hold everything together? (See what we did there?) For more magnet related wonderment and news, head to our BLOG section.

Round Electromagnet

Round Electromagnet MK-P65/30

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Electromagnet Solenoid 500Kg

Electromagnet Solenoid 500Kg DC 12V 12W MK-P150/50

Electromagnet Solenoid 500Kg DC 12V 12W MK-P150/50, Permanent Electromagnet (Electro-permenent), Powerful holding round electromagnets, Circular Cylindrical Electric Lifting Magnet Solenoid Electromagnet Solenoid 500Kg DC 12V 12W Feature: Part No.: MK-P150/50 D(mm) 150 d(mm) 66 H(mm) 50 M 14 P(mm) 20 L(mm) 270 Power(W) 11 Composite:Rare Earth NdFeB Magnet, Type:Electric Magnet, Input Voltage:12V DC Current:1A, Power […]

Super Small Electromagnet

Super Small Electromagnet DC 24V 1KG MK-P13/27

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Holding Electric Magnet 260KG

Holding Electric Magnet 260KG DC 24V 12V

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Lifting Magnet Holding Electromagnet ELE-34-25

Lifting Magnet Holding Electromagnet MK-P34/25

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