Magnetization Direction

The magnetization occurs during the process of shaping the magnet, this means there is no magnet without this step.
Below you will find information about the magnetization of our magnets according to their form:

Disc neodymium magnets
About 95% of our discmagnets
are axially magnetized.
That is to say the
magnetic poles are
located on the two circular surfaces
Some of our disc magnets
are also diametrically magnetized
Rod neodymium magnets
Usually  the magnetization in
the rods is by the height.
 Our rod magnets with
diametrical magnetization
 Ring neodymium magnets
Also most rings are
axially magnetized
We offer the following rings
with diametrical magnetization
 Block neodymium magnets
Normally Blockmagnets
are magnetized by the height (axial)
Some of our blockmagnets are in
the longitudinal direction magnetized.
neodymium Cubes neodymium Spheres
As well as the blockmagnets,
our cubes are in the height magnetized
The magnetic poles of
the spheres are opposed

Magnetization Direction of Permanent Magnets

Normally, magnets need to be magnetized, so it is vital to know its magnetization direction when manufacturing ceramic & ferrite magnet. In order to let our customer get a general idea of it, we’d like to introduce the normal magnetization directions of different shapes of ceramic & ferrite magnets as below for your reference:

Magnetization Direction of Permanent Magnets

Magnetization Direction of Permanent Magnets

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