Magnetization Direction of Square Ndfeb Block Magnet

About ndfeb block (square) magnet, the introduction on the Internet is not a lot, today the china magnet manufacturer HSMAG To introduce its magnetization type and production cycle.Hope to help you!

First about the delivery date of ndfeb block magnet: the delivery date of block magnet is related to the number of orders, processing difficulty, generally needs 7-10 days or so, the delivery date is related to the list of magnet manufacturers, production capacity, after confirming the price of the magnet, the delivery date should be further negotiated, do not because the delivery time to do the two sides are not happy!

Ndfeb block magnet is different from ndfeb circular magnet, circular magnet is axial magnetization, radial magnetization, do not understand can see this article “introduction to magnet knowledge of magnet axial magnetization and radial magnetization”. The ndfeb block magnet has thickness magnetization, side magnetization.

The diagram below shows the magnetization direction of the square ndfeb magnet

Magnetization Direction of Square Ndfeb Block Magnet

Magnetization Direction of Square Ndfeb Block Magnet

Square Block magnet magnetization a lot of friends do not know, do not know how to express, so often customers make mistakes, such as a square magnet 15mm long, 4mm wide, 3mm thick, such as the need for 3*15 surface for strong magnetic surface, the magnet expression for F3*15*4 for the direction of magnetization. If a square magnet, 9mm wide, 7mm high and 25mm long, needs to use the magnetic force at the second end of the magnet, then it is expressed as F7*9*25, which is the magnetization method of the third picture.welcome to indicate the magnetization method you need in the above picture and send it to us.

Above is about ndfeb square magnet magnetizing direction and production cycle introduction, the article belongs to the magnet information column, original by courage magnet, without permission shall not be reproduced!

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